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Mill roll stands
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Mill Roll Stand

  • This machine is made of high rigid cast iron and lift arm, beauty exterior shape and durable feature.
  • The raise, drop of the life arm and the clamp arm are controlled hydraulically. The speed of this machine is stable. The company recommends this machine as a standard model to the client.

  • The tension controller of the based paper is controlled through by the pulsation of the pneumatic cylinder with the valve control.
  • Equip with two rails of the based paper, which were placed under the machine on the both sides, save manpower to carry.
  • This machine can also associate with Automatic Splicer that can produce high speed splicing, reduce wastage, without stopping operation to save time.
Product Specifications
  MRS-V3 MRS-V4 MRS-V5 MRS-V-6 MRS-V-7 MRS -V -8
Width of paper 1400 1600 1800 2000 2200 2500
Paper diameter ø 300~1500 300~1500 300~1500 300~1500 300~1500 300~1500