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Single facers


Single Facer 90

  • This machine is exclusively for the formation of fluting paper and laminating of single facer.
  • Maximum machine speed 100 m/min. This type of single facer is very good choice to the machine speed under 100 m/min and suitable for change the flute frequent.
  • There is a special purpose of pneumatic system. It can be increasing upper roller and pressure roller buffer adaptation to got excellent laminating to kraft paper and fluting paper.
  • The backing of glue unit also adopted the same pneumatic system. Lower corrugated roller by suction fluting profile with the paste device.
  • The upper and lower corrugated roller, pressure roller and pre-heater by steam to heating with steam valves and trap system.
  • Main drive using AC-15~25HP motor and it under high speed running can be remained web out as stable.
  • Corrugated roller can be lifted out changed to different fluting of roller for about 30 minutes.
Product Specifications
  SF-90-3 SF-90-4 SF-90-5 SF-90-6
Width of paper 1400 1600 1800 2000
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