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Glue Machine

This machine is for two single facers and a liner to form double wall(5 layers) cardboard, which is set between triplex pre-heater and double facer, powered by front of drive machine.
  • Single drive mechanism to avoid glue sticking to roll surface when stopping.
  • With upper pre-heat roller x2 and lower pre-heat roller x1, in order to preheat single face and liner.
  • Manual control slight adjusts the thickness of glue. Opened and closed by pneumatic cylinder system.
  • Glue gap can be selected by PLC to precision control to saving the glue enable to get good quality of board.
Product Specifications
  GM-3 GM-4 GM-5 GM-6 GM-7 GM-8
Width of paper 1400 1600 1800 2000 2200 2500