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Slitter scorers


Slitter Scorer

This machine is the newest model. Two operations offered by motorized or computerized control system.
  • The orders changed of size in about 3-7 seconds to get pre-setting position. Save time to stop machine when order changed. Provide 99 memory sets of ordering size.
  • The machine has Installed precision liner slides and ball screw bearing with encoder to get accurate position. The precision allowance within 0.5 mm to adapt any requirement.
  • The upper and lower scoring wheel has equipped 3 types: convex to convex, convex to concave and convex to flat. Selected by switch button. Operate easily.
  • The round razor type slitting knives. It can slit orderly and pretty. The width of slitting knife min. 3~5mm.
  • Automatically grind and lubricate without removing. Extended the life of knives.
  • Lubricant device is fixed by level feeding system which volume control very accurately and no waste even no any pollution to the board and environment.
Product Specifications
  Width of Paper Q`ty of slitter Q`ty of scoring Remark
SS-3 1400 3/5 4/6 fixed or movable middle knife
SS-4 1600 4/5 6/8 -
SS-5 1800 4/5 6/8 -
SS-6 2000 5/6 8/10 -
SS-7 2200 6/7 10/12 -
SS-8 2500 6/7 10/12 -