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slitter scorer(double unit)


Slitter Scorer(Double Unit)

This machine is the latest design and model which increase zero line scoring. It may match electrically operated or by computerized control system.
  • The orders changed of size fastest in approximately 3-7 seconds to get pre-setting position. And provide 99 memories pre-setting for order change at any time also accommodatingly in the production management system.
  • The machine has installed precision liner slides and ball screw bearing with encoder to get accurate position. The precision allowance within 0.5 mm to adapt of accuracy requirement various processing factories.
  • The upper scoring wheels is single convex type. It can be replaced destruction wheels to used. The upper and lower scoring wheel has equipped 3 types: convex to convex, convex to concave and convex to flat . Selected by switch button. Operate easily.
  • Front scoring units affirmed to rear scoring units, the scoring distance of board to achieve the random size.
  • The round razor type slitting knives. It can slit cardboard orderly and pretty. The minimum slitting edge is 3~5mm.
  • Automatically grind and lubricate without removing slitting knives and extended the life of knives.
  • Lubricant device is fixed by level feeding system which volume control very accurately and no waste even no any pollution to the board and environment.
Product Specifications
  Width of Paper Q`ty of slitter Q`ty of scoring Remark
SZ-3 1400 3/5 4/6 fixed or movable middle knife
SZ-4 1600 4/5 6/8 -
SZ-5 1800 4/5 6/8 -
SZ-6 2000 5/6 8/10 -
SZ-7 2200 6/7 10/7 -
SZ-8 2500 6/7 6/7 -