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N.C. Cutter


N.C. Cutter

This machine is operated by computer parameter selection. We could enter and save 99 sets for ordering size to circulate before using.
  • The machine could cut triple layers, five layers and seven layers. The length of cutting from 300 mm to 9999 mm. Inaccuracy below 1 mm.
  • The speed of machine is operated with drive. Measure wheel operated with computer output signal. Use DC motor drive the main roller to cut accurate length.
  • This machine has rigid structure. Less noise, maintain easily.
  • The speed of machine is from 0 to 250m, and width could be made. (the width is made according to drive motor and structure).
Product Specifications
  NC-37-3 NC-37-4 NC-37-5 NC-37-6
Width of paper 1400 1600 1800 2000
  NC-55-5 NC-55-6 NC-55-7 NC-55-8
Width of paper 1800 2000 2200 2500