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Single face cutters


N.C. Single Face Cutter

This machine is especially for cutting the single face cardboard and vertical
  • According to the width of paper, it could cut 2 to 4 cardboards, and cuts the paper vertical then cuts it transverse immediately. Cutting cardboard are exported by special conveyer which can deliver them to the specific stacker and are baled to collect. Save manpower, improve efficiency, and low failure rate.
  • It used PLC and Touch Screen to select. Operated automatically/manually. In automatic system, this machine could be operated with single face machine at same time. After selecting the width of paper, the knife set automatically (only press the change order button), auto grinding the knife, adjusting the speed as delivery belts at same time. Adopts the greater use human-machine interface manipulation, combine with PLC computer problem. High precision, high speed and high control functions. It is especially for the different kinds of goods or customers who usually changed the size of order.
  • The cutoff knife is controlled by computer program and has the same level as the driver of multi-layers cardboard. The length accuracy of cutting is under ± 1mm. Don't need to wait for changing orders, just need to press the 『change』button. Operators could set the alarm to remind workers it is time to collect the papers. Also convenient for bale.
Product Specifications
  NK-3 NK-4 NK-5 NK-6 NK-7 NK-8
Width of paper 1400 1600 1800 2000 2200 2500